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Successful challenge for the HTEF Energy team

Successful challenge for the HTEF Energy team

Dec 29, 2015

Beginning of the year, the French Energy team of Hamon Thermal Europe France (in charge of the EDF Nuclear market) knew that 2015 wouldn't be restful. Four substantial natural draft cooling tower refurbishments and a recycling job were planned from April to November.


At the end of the year, we are pleased to see that all of them have been flawlessly managed. The recipe for this success consists of high quality performances in the involved departments and of a perfect coordination.


To give an idea of those projects, here are some average figures of a works site:


  • 25 calendar days
  • Removal of 11 000 m³ scaled film fill, put on pallets and wrapped (the overweight due to scaling of the packing ranged from 10 to 900 kg/m³!)
  • Bagging of the scale deposit in the basin
  • Installation of 9500 m³ new film fill
  • Men on site: 90
  • 25 rental machines, 4 Hamon scissor platforms
Dampierre - Installation of new packing Cruas - General works site


These works account in total for 67000 man hours with neither accident nor NCR.


The client (EDF) is delighted; they praise the organization and specifically mention the serenity feeling felt on site.


Thanks to all the people involved in the project for their commitment.