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Maintenance of natural draft cooling towers

Hamon has a wide experience in refurbishment of natural draft cooling towers with experienced dedicated teams. In order to make sure that your cooling tower is operating at its optimal level, our experts can perform and interpret all necessary analysis. Once the diagnosis has been completed, they prepare and submit proposals for repairs, partial or full refurbishment or upgrade of the cooling tower.


Our field teams have :

  • a deep knowledge of the safety rules in high-demanding sectors (nuclear P.P., petrochemical, etc.)
  • a full understanding of environmental concerns and challenges
  • the capacity to perform in very short times during programmed shutdowns.



  • Remplacement of internal components
  • Reinforcement, remplacement of internal structure
  • Interventions in zones contaminated with asbetos
  • Pathogenic risk management
  • Sanitation of internal components





  • Heat exchange media
  • Distribution
  • Valves
  • Civil engineering




Fill recycling

Hamon also offers you solutions for used cooling tower fill recycling.